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About Us

Our vision

To inspire and connect the universe unconditionally, through art that can transcend any language barrier.

Who we are

Woke Media, LLC is a content production company. Woke Media has strategic partnerships that allow us to get projects completed and distributed at a high-quality level. Our managing board has over 20 years of experience in media production and event promotion.

We are a creative group of professionals who are deeply enthusiastic about music, dance and films. Woke Media strives to be an industry leader in producing and promoting content.

What we do

We help create and manage projects for artists throughout North America. Woke Media creates all content in house which includes Lyrics, Composition, Music Production and Video Production.

Branding our Artists is one of our top priorities with a big focus on cross cultural branding. Even though we manage and promote Artists, our core competency is Content Creation.

Woke Media provides funding and does joint ventures with Artists for the production and promotion of content.

Our Team


Ginny is a young entrepreneur in the Bay Area who brings a lot of energy and passion to the team. He is the founder of Optimal Loans, a mortgage brokerage located in the heart of the Bay. Ginny is currently involved in Event production projects in the Bay Area, California. He is responsible for business development and Relationship Management. He is also active in Video Direction, Concept Development and Talent Management.


Daman is a very creative being who has experience in a vast variety of things. He has a special feel for fashion and entertainment. Daman is a former dancer and is involved in Event production in the Bay Area, California. Daman is responsible for Digital Marketing and Artist Branding. He is also active in Video Direction, Concept Development and Talent Management.


Dave has extensive experience in Media production and Event Management. He has brought big name artists on tours throughout North America. Dave is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Altima Contracting Ltd, located in Vancouver, Canada. He brings experience and marketing strategy to the team. Dave’s forte is Business Development. Sponsorship Acquisition and Over All Business Operations.

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